Permanent Residency is a pathway where nationals of other countries come to live in Canada permanently, which is one step closer to acquiring Canadian Citizenship. Statistics show that Canada welcomed 184,370 new Permanent Residents in 2020. The lowest level since 1998, due to the Pandemic.

Economic Class is the pathway created by the government of Canada for foreign nationals based on the Canadian economy needs of skilled professionals to fill gaps in the labour markets.

There are three subclasses under the Economy Class skilled worker stream:

Federal Skilled Trades

Federal Skilled Trades is a class for workers who fall into skilled trades, where Canada has assigned occupations as per their National Occupation Classification. This is based on the Country requirement for skilled trade personals. This category includes Industrial, Electrical and Construction trades, Chefs or cooks, Butchers and Bakers.

Federal Skilled Workers

Visas for Federal Skilled Workers are processed through Express Entry, which is an electronic application management system, which started in January 2015. This is based on CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). Based on the scores invitations are issued to the scores that fall in the range of draws which are held by-weekly.

Many factors are considered based on which scores are assigned. FSW applicants need to be assessed on two scoring categories CRS and a point-based system of six selection factors.

Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience Class is for Graduates from Post Secondary Institutions who possess Professional Managerial work experience and Temporary Foreign Workers who possess skilled Canadian Work experience to transition from TFWs to Permanent Residents based on Canadian Work Experience.

There is a great demand for Students who wish to pursue their studies and later fall into the category of Permanent Residents. All these facilities are handled by our Silver Creek team specialists.

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